October 20, 2008

Unity Through NonDual Awareness

There is only one life. It is living itself through all that is. Unity, Oneness, non-duality simply means this. There is one essence which expresses itself through form and formlessness.

Perhaps it is better to recognize oneness in the ways it appears most available. When we meditate and are not participating in the doings or drama of life, this is an entrance to that which is always present and waiting for us to discover it for ourselves. Of course it isn’t really waiting . Language has its limits when talking about that which has none. Another opportunity is being in nature. The forest is always stillness. There is no competition between trees to see who can grow the fastest or who has the nicest leaves. Oneness is reflect in the many different species growing there creating one forest.

While in the woods, do not talk incessantly about your “to do list”or problems. Rest or walk in silence and let the majesty surrounding you become you.

Poetry such as that by Hafiz provide insight:

Lousy At Math

Once a group of thieves stole a rare diamond

Larger than a goose egg

Its value could have easily bought

One thousand horses

And two thousand acres

Of the most fertile land in Shiraz.

The thieves got drunk that night

To celebrate their great haul,

But during the course of the evening

The effects of the liquor

Ands their mistrust of each other grew to such

An extent

They decided to divide the stone into small pieces.

Of course then the Priceless became lost.

Most everyone is lousy at math

And does that to God-

Dissects the Indivisible One,

By thinking, saying,

“This is my Beloved, he looks like this

And acts like that,

How could that moron over there



God.” by Hafiz

Every breath can provide a quiet place for oneness to be known. Listen to the silence between the notes in a piece of music. Space is necessary for the canvas of life and creativity to be played out upon it. Notice the space in which all things occur.

Be one with all of it and liberation is yours.

Many years ago when I began my investigation into awareness, it seemed a far out thing to do. Now I know many are embracing the beauty of this life as they look beyond the roles and situations they appear to be in. When 3rd Dimensional reality seems tough, going to that place beyond strife is more than a comfort. It brings balance and perspective to all situations. Sometimes the mind gets fixated on a situation or “problem” and refuses aid. When this happens I know it is an opportunity to go a little deeper and look behind the scenes in the play. It reminds me of the big booming voice of the wizard in The Wizard of Oz. No one sees him until the little dog Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal an ordinary man. When we look behind the scenes of the dramas in life sometimes it is a call to be more tolerant, compassionate, and loving with ourselves and others.

Unity is about being in the moment, fully present, and open to all experiences. Resisting anything or wishing life to be different, ends up controlling you. Move beyond living life through thought or emotion. Finding the way in and through your life is the way.

Who is it that sits

Behind those eyes…?

Come out and play by Padma

June 20, 2008


Usually writing is a flow for me that is so easy, it just happens. Alas, this time has been different. My computer is malfunctioning and I love composing with it . Now, I am writing long hand. My hand writing is so bad it is almost illegible, even to me.

. In the past gratitude was part of my experience. At times life seemed blissful, full of love and clarity. Gratitude was real. However, at this time, to say I was grateful about anything was a real stretch. The more I tried to write the grumpier I got.

The situations in my life were so challenging and getting more so all the time. I really just had to stop and ask myself, “What is going on here? Is this some kind of cosmic joke? What is all this resistance about?”

Then it hit me. Everything in life was just fine.

It always had been. The mind had to put its own spin on every event that happened. This ‘spin cycle’ of thought was usually sinister or at the very least suspicious. For example, “Everyone is out to get you”, “We have to protect ourselves,” or “So and so is ‘worse than’/’better than’ us.” Who are we? I realized that this meant there is the mind and something observing the mind. That ‘something’ that is beyond mind is who we really are.

“When you listen to a thought, you are aware not only of the thought, but also to yourself as the witness to the thought. A new dimension of consciousness has come in.”

From “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Nevertheless, many people live only from the neck up. They are so identified with their thoughts that they think that is who they are. When people begin to ask themselves who is witnessing the thought? Life changes. Self-awareness grows. It is a subtle shift, but on an energy level it is huge. A new dimension of consciousness has come in..

If I am grateful for anything, then I must admit I am grateful for everything in my life. All of it has led me to this realization of who I am in this moment. Beyond the situations that come and go in my life, I find that this awareness is always there. I am grateful to all the wonderful beings that pointed the way and are a constant source of inspiration.

“When I see I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see I am everything, that is love. And between these two, my life moves.” by Nisargadatta Maharuj

Life can only be lived now. If we get stuck in our minds we regret the past and worry about the future. So much energy gets tied up that we miss this beautiful moment. That is also the great thing about being present. Even if you get lost in the past, this now moment is always available for you to remember who you are and be present for what life is offering you. I am so grateful for these unending opportunities to be present now and live.

“Endless possibilities life you hold.

When we search for answers the truth you withhold,

But when we open gently like the petals of a rose,

We receive all we need every moment like pure gold.

In its richness and its beauty as we watch life flow,

We become the timeless being that we long to know.”

By Padma